In the 'eighties, Simon was one of the leading creature/movement performers in the UK, working with Jim Henson and George Lucas on big budget films, including playing Max Rebo in Star Wars VI: RETURN OF THE JEDI, and Ursol in Jim Henson's groundbreaking film THE DARK CRYSTAL, as well as three Muppet Movies and LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS. He continued his career as an actor before moving to writing, script editing and directing.

As Doctor Script, he was a reader and Script Consultant, working for companies such as TVS, Scottish Television, Meridian, Festival Films, Fine Line, and for competitions such as The Times Screenwriting Prize, The Jerwood Prize and Croydon Warehouse's International Playwriting Competition.

As Writer-Director, his first video drama FOETAL ATTRACTION was Highly Commended (BAV Awards) and he won a prize at The Raindance Film Festival's Live Ammunition event for pitching LOCATION SUNDERLAND, a low budget British comedy screenplay. He developed an American version of this, as THE HOGSWOOD INCIDENT, which won an award in Los Angeles (Screenplay Festival, 2009). Another screenplay, THE FOLLOWERS, is being developed as a European Co-Production.

He wrote four short comedies, CONSPIRACY! for Paramount Comedy Channel (now Comedy Central) and directed two heavily-dramatised videos about dream-interpretation for The Readers Digest. and The Mighty Pen (THE MEANING OF DREAMS 1 & 2).

He made THE SEARCH FOR DEEPA, a 30-minute spoof documentary about a charismatic and corrupt Indian guru, and THE MODERN DANCE POSTMEN - a sketch show pilot. His black comedy short, THE UNDERSTUDY, is now the pilot for VICIOUS VENDETTAS - a 6 x 30 minute TV comedy series. Another short film, THE RIGHT HAND MAN, a rites of passage drama set in Wales, has won awards and been to Festivals all over the world and is also being developed as a series. His latest short (FOETULTHOOD) is a 90 second revisiting of his earlier short, FOETAL ATTRACTION.

As an actor, Simon's West End theatre work includes Dario Fo's TRUMPETS & RASPBERRIES, ART and NEVILLE'S ISLAND. Shakespeare includes OTHELLO (Oxford) and MACBETH (Leicester Haymarket). He was Sagredo in Brecht's THE LIFE OF GALILEO (Young Vic), Victor Alfreds in THE THIRST (Leicester Haymarket) and Charlie Bell in FRED KARNO'S ARMY (Bristol Old Vic). Television includes THE BILL, CASUALTY, LONDON'S BURNING, WAITING FOR GOD, CAMPION, and HANNAY. His voice has been heard narrating some 200 hours of audiobooks, ranging from biography to courtroom drama, by way of spy thrillers, and medieval whodunnits.